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This is a comprehensive cob workshop that can be taken via the internet. This is what that means for you: You can learn from home at your own pace, You don’t need to ever take vacation days off, No travel required, You only pay a fraction of the cost! Continue reading

How to Build a Solid Foundation for a Cob House

cob house foundation

In the cob building community we have a problem.

We are building really bad foundations!

I’ve seen some foundations literally “melt” before my eyes.

Really sad story there, by the way.

But I digress…

Its time to turn this problem around.

And I want to help all of you learn

How to Make Cob

how to make cob

There are many ways to mix cob. One of the most common and regularly-practiced techniques in North America is called the “tarp method” of cob mixing.
Learn step-by-step how to make cob. Continue reading

Cob Ovens Simplified – Part One

cob oven

Start small and progress to larger projects as you learn.

I always recommend for students to begin with building a cob oven. You know, those great little ovens for baking bread and pizzas in! This is a simple project that will teach you the fundamentals of cob construction, its inexpensive to build one, and it doesn’t take a long time to complete.

So, to build a cob oven there are a few core lessons that you will experience with this project: Continue reading

Humidity Regulation in Cob Buildings


I keep getting a lot of questions about humidity issues with cob buildings. So I want to speak a bit more on this topic with you today. Keeping a balanced level of indoor humidity is important to maintaining a healthy living environment and preventing mold and fungus growth inside. Continue reading

Shuttered Cob

shuttered cob forms

Every time I hold a cob building workshop I have at least one student ask me if you can build cob walls by placing wet cob into formwork. They ask this question because they have an interest in keeping the walls straight and well formed. This technique is called shuttered cob.

It has been discovered that shuttered cob was employed as a building technique in Britain in the nineteenth century to build a variety of cob structures. Apart from this, shuttered cob has not been a widely used style to build cob walls with. Continue reading

Natural Remodeling – Limewash Paint


Here is a simple, yet functional, way to start your natural remodeling by using a limewash paint. Unfortunately, we can’t all have our own naturally built home created out of materials of earth and straw. We can however implement certain natural building materials and finishes into our currently existing homes and buildings though.

I want to introduce you to a simple way to make and apply one type of natural finish to your current home. This natural finish is a basic limewash paint. Continue reading

Building a Cob House – Your Checklist for Success


Building a home is a major undertaking that will cost you a lot of money and time. It can be like putting together a large three dimensional puzzle that must also be able to interact with the environment and the conditions around it.

Building a home is also a lot of hard work, both physically and mentally, and will require you to use a variety of skills. The more… Continue reading

Do not use earthbags for stemwall foundation

cob workshops tennessee

This morning, I received an email newsletter from a prominent Natural Builder explaining why they had chosen to build a stemwall foundation using earthbags.

I was really surprised when I read this email! Especially when I saw that they were actually filling the polypropylene bags (earthbgas) with just soil (and maybe some aggregate too). I surely thought that they would at least fill them with just gravel! It sounded… Continue reading

“Dirt Cheap” Cob Homes


I have a lot of people ask me…

“How much does a cob home cost?”


“I heard cob homes are really cheap to build. How much does it cost per square foot?”

These are good questions to ask, but they’re very broad and can’t really be answered in a general sense.

The cost of a cob home, just like any type of home, will… Continue reading

indian_rammed_earth urdu manuscript

Blue town Chefchaouen

Beginnings of Earth Building Techniques

Earth building techniques have been around for thousands of years. Since before our recorded history, people have been using the earth to build with. That’s why I tell people that earth building techniques are nothing new. In fact, they are very ancient. Today, the first-world, “developed” nations are just having a revival of these age-old… Continue reading

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