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This is a comprehensive cob workshop that can be taken via the internet. This is what that means for you: You can learn from home at your own pace, You don’t need to ever take vacation days off, No travel required, You only pay a fraction of the cost! Continue reading

“Dirt Cheap” Cob Homes


I have a lot of people ask me…

“How much does a cob home cost?”


“I heard cob homes are really cheap to build. How much does it cost per square foot?”

These are good questions to ask, but they’re very broad and can’t really be answered in a general sense.

The cost of a cob home, just like any type of home, will… Continue reading

indian_rammed_earth urdu manuscript

Blue town Chefchaouen

Beginnings of Earth Building Techniques

Earth building techniques have been around for thousands of years. Since before our recorded history, people have been using the earth to build with. That’s why I tell people that earth building techniques are nothing new. In fact, they are very ancient. Today, the first-world, “developed” nations are just having a revival of these age-old… Continue reading

Cob House Travel Tour – East Coast


The east coast of the United States isn’t known for its abundance of cob homes and other natural homes, but there is actually a lot going on over on this side of the country. Some of this development has been recent and some of it has just been tucked away and out of view for the most part. Continue reading

My Top 3 Reasons to Build a Cob House


One of the main things that led me to natural building methods was my search for ways to build a non-toxic, healthy home that I could live in and that it not tax my body.

Modern conventional building is highly toxic and potentially damaging to our health. From off-gassing in paints, carpets, glues, plastics, and a plethora of other synthetic materials, our bodies are constantly bombarded with a host of foreign and toxic onslaughts.

Our bodies each have a certain threshold of how much toxicity that they can process daily.

When the body’s threshold is surpassed with over exposure to environmental toxins… Continue reading


Some common questions that I receive from people interested in building a cob home:

-          What does the temperature feel like inside a cob house in the summer? And in the winter?

-          Can I install central heating and air conditioning in my cob house?

These are very good questions!

Earth soil has proven to be a very suitable and successful building material throughout the world’s… Continue reading

Soil Types for Cob Building


Soil types vary by each region and location, but the majority of soil types will work for building cob and earthen structures. It is actually rare to find soil that will not work for cob. This is a good thing for the case of earthen building!

Soils consist mainly of a mixed combination of silt, sand, and clay. In the case of earthen building, silt is not a bad… Continue reading

Trimming Cob Walls

Alex Sumerall - Cutting cob walls with hay saw

In order to get cob walls plumb and flat, trimming and cutting is a major step in the building process.

To build a cob wall, I will place a new layer of cob onto my wall, knead the individual cobs together a bit with my hands, and then stomp on top and kick the sides a bit. At this point, the excess cob is already hanging over the edge of the wall. Now is the time to start trimming.

What do you trim with? Continue reading

Tractor Cob – How to Mix Cob with a Tractor


If you’re interested in building a cob home in a speedy time-frame then I highly recommend mixing cob with a tractor (or other machine such as a Bobcat or backhoe). Using this method, the cob mixing process will go about one hundred times faster compared to doing it by foot labor. You will spend some fossil fuels in the process, but you will save an extraordinary amount of human labor and time! Continue reading

cob workshops tennessee

Building the cob house at the beautiful Meadow Creek Mountain Rustic Resort in Parrottsville, Tennessee. What an amazing place for a cob workshop! Continue reading

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