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Since the time that I purchased Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, I have shown it to quite a few people and as soon as they pick it up they get really excited at all the amazing tiny homes pictured in the book.

There is something really special and inspiring about this book. I also own Lloyd Kahn’s previous book called “Homework: Handbuilt Shelter”, and it too is amazing but for some reason I feel a stronger draw to this “Tiny Homes” book.

Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn is Outstanding!

For me, this book offers a glimpse at what I’m trying to accomplish with my work. It gives me hope, inspiration, motivation, and new ideas to accomplish my goals. Not only does it provide me with wisdom on building, but it shows me more ways that I can live the type of life that I want. It is like taking one more step toward reaching my goal of freedom and a debt free lifestyle.

This book is packed full with more than a thousand vibrant color photos all displaying the awesome craftsmanship of all different types of tiny homes.

There are tiny homes:

  • on foundations
  • on wheels
  • on the water
  • designed and built by architects
  • designed and built by regular do-it-yourselfers
  • prefabs and kits
  • built with earthy materials (cob, straw bale, adobe, etc.)
  • treehouses
  • and more…

Scaling Back in the 21st Century

Each home has a story attached to it and tells the story of the builder and how they constructed their tiny home. I respect these builders a lot for not being afraid to take risks in order to create their own lifestyle. Through their hard work and outside-the-box thinking they have significantly improved their lives and freed themselves from a mortgage and mindless lifestyle grind.

Apart from all the great photos and stories from the builders, there are some interesting articles to read too. I enjoyed the one on downsizing and minimizing your lifestyle for added happiness, and the advice on the planning process when you have to go through the bureaucratic system in order to build.

tiny homes simple shelter lloyd kahn tumbleweed home

This book is not a “how to” guide or do-it-yourself instruction book, but it will teach you how to think for yourself! You’ll have to buy some other books for specifics on how to build the structures pictured in Tiny Homes. This book is full of thought though. You will get a ton of new ideas by reading and looking through it. It may help you decide what type of home is best suited for you and your situation.

This is a book you will keep coming back to. You can’t ever really finish with this book. You might want to put it on your coffee table to just gaze at each morning.

If you’re a rugged individualist like me and want to build a small and efficient home then this is a must have book! Or if you just enjoy looking at creative homes then you must get this book! It is beautiful, inspiring, and is full of valuable resources. I highly recommend getting Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter.

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