Building Services, Consulting, and Design

Need someone to help you with your cob building project? I can help you through each step of the building process and help oversee your project. I offer building services, consulting, and design.
View my services offered below:

Phone Consultation $100 / hour
You can call at any time and you will not be charged for the time until we have made a separate appointment for consulting on your specific project.
On Site Consultation $60 / hour + travel expenses
There is a 3 hour minimum for on site consulting. For consultations that require air travel or travel to sites further than one hour’s drive away please contact for custom pricing.
Building Design (Click here for all the details)
$60/ hour
Consulting (Click here for all the details)
Workshops (Click here for all the details)



* Services are available during all working hours Sunday through Friday. Saturday is off.


This Cob House
Alex Sumerall, Builder/Instructor
Lafayette, TN