Donate to This Cob House Projects

Help me to promote the ancient methods of building with cob and natural materials by donating to This Cob House’s cob building projects. This Spring and Summer I have been given permission and free rein to build cob structures on a beautiful 30 acre plot of untouched land in northern Tennessee. I’m seeking funds to build two cob homes, cob courtyard gardens, and two cob ovens all before the end of September 2013. Help me to make this project come to fruition by donating below. Simply click the Donate button.

This project will act as a test site for building with cob, living in cob structures, and testing new cob ideas. It is our goal for it to expand into a small village as an ecological, sustainable, off-grid, naturally built community, and to exist as an example for others to show that it can be done.

Housing plot #1 - left side

Housing plot #1 - right side