Consulting Packages

Building a cob house for yourself can be a daunting task. There are many details and variables to consider when building a home or other structure. It can be comforting to have an experienced cob builder work alongside you through your building project. It can also help you to avoid many mistakes and pitfalls that can occur when building with cob for the first time.

Maybe you want to review your building plans and ideas with a seasoned cob builder, or maybe you want to get your crew of people trained to build your cob house. Even if you plan to do all the building yourself, it can give you peace of mind to have an expert available for help throughout your project.

Building Plans Consultation


Have questions about how to design your cob house? Want clarification on certain aspects of cob building for your design? Want a review and analysis of your designs? This is a good option for those wanting to build their own cob home but want to check their ideas and plans to make sure there are not mistakes. Its better to make sure that the design is right before building. Catching mistakes early can save you a lot of time and money.

Benefits of Plans Consultation

  • Assure that your design is efficient and will result in your specific goals
  • Present your building department (if going that route) with a viable building plan that is more likely to get approval
  • Floor plan evaluation and passive solar evaluation
  • I will do a water drainage evaluation of your building and make suggestions based off of your design and your environment
  • You will receive a thorough report detailing all changes and suggestions made


For custom building plans, click here.

Crew Training


Do you have a crew of people to build your house but with no experience in cob building? The crew training option might be right for you. This is like having your own private workshop to get your crew up to speed to construct your cob building. I can teach you how to build effectively and efficiently with cob so that you are confident to complete your project.

With Crew Training, I will come work with you and your group for 5 full days. This will be hands-on work and experience for all of your team members to gain skills and confidence with cob. We will begin cob work on your building project and will cover as much as we can in the 5 days of training.

I also include 1 month of consulting in the Crew Training package. This gives you access to me via email and phone. I respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours, Sunday-Friday (except if I’m out of internet/phone range). My travel and lodging expenses are not included in this package price and are paid by the client.

Included in Crew Training:

  • 5 Days on your building site training your crew/friends/family
  • One month personal access to me for consulting

CREW TRAINING: $2,000 plus travel & lodging

PAY 50% DEPOSIT HERE: $1,000 (travel & lodging not included)

Full Package

This is the option if you want to have support throughout your entire project. With the Full Package I can help you with design, sourcing materials, setting a project time table, finding sub contractors, and all other aspects of the job. This package offers you a direct line of access to me via email and phone for 1 full year. I respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours, Sunday-Friday (except if I’m out of internet/phone range).

This package also includes the Building Plans Consultation and Crew Training packages. My travel and lodging expenses are not included in this package price and are paid by the client. Extra site visits or training sessions can also be arranged for an additional fee.

Included in Full Package:

  • One full year of consulting and direct line access to me with any questions that may arise from design to building to finish work.
  • Building Plans Consultation package – this will get you started off right with your project
  • Crew Training package (described above) – get your team trained to complete your project successfully

TOTAL PACKAGE: $5,600 plus travel & lodging

PAY 50% DEPOSIT HERE: $2,800 (travel & lodging not included)