2017 Cob Workshops Schedule

Introduction to Cob Workshop

Location: Keystone Heights, Florida
Dates: July 10-14, 2017
Come and join us down in sunny Florida this summer for our Introduction to Cob Workshop! We will be constructing a small cob cottage. A perfect project for beginners and experts alike!This workshop is a great experience to learn how to build with cob and to get a broad learning overview of natural building techniques. You will get a solid foundation in cob building fundamentals. We will be constructing cob walls on a 140 square foot cob cottage and studying Natural Building together each day. After this workshop, you will have the basic know-how and confidence to design and build your own simple cob constructions or cob building.
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joy cob workshop florida

Online Cob House Workshop (eCourse)

Learn at your own pace. Any time of year!
Learn from home. All you need is a computer!
Join me in the online Cob Workshop Classroom and learn all the steps to build your own cob house.This is the only online cob workshop experience available. It is comparable to taking a comprehensive cob workshop but without the need to travel, take vacation time off, and is only a fraction of the price.The online course is delivered through a series of video lessons, articles, building plan modules, and interactive forums.Click below for the full details!
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Designing a Cob House (eCourse)

Learn how to design a modern cob home!
Learn from home. All you need is a computer!
Join me in the online Cob Workshop Classroom and learn how to properly design your own cob house.This is the only cob house design course available anywhere. It is comparable to taking a full cob workshop but without the need to travel, take vacation time off, and is only a fraction of the price.This online course is delivered through a series of video lessons and over 100 detailed construction diagrams.Click below for the full details!
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cob house design workshop

Workshop Testimonials


Hear what our workshop participants have to say about their experiences:

Lucia-Lopez2“We had the best time ever, such a wonderful place, with wonderful people and a very talented/professional instructor!!! Can’t wait to get started on our cob house! Thanks Alex and everyone else there!”


Lucia Lopez, Virginia

Rikki“Attending this cob workshop has given me the inspiration and knowledge I needed to jump right into beginning the process of planning, organizing, gathering resources, and ultimately building my own cob home. Working hands on with the cob and actually building a structure in the workshop made me realize that it is a very realistic and achievable goal to go out and build my very own home.”

Rikki Rasmovicz, Pennsylvania

Jonathan-Byrne“During our 5-day cob workshop in August of 2014 I got the amazing opportunity to work side by side with Alex along with an awesome bunch of talented and very creative people! All of my questions, concerns, and ideas were answered during our, what seemed too short, 5 days together. If you are planning on building a cob home or other project, but feel like you have too many questions about building or don’t have the confidence in your skills then I highly recommend taking a workshop like Alex hosts before you do! I guarantee you will walk away with the confidence and know how to be able to build anything your heart desires!! Thanks again for the opportunity!”

Jonathan Byrne, Mississippi

Devorah-Firestone“Alex’s class was straightforward, informative and useful. His engineering mind is tempered with clear, elegant thoughts. His easygoing personality makes him great to learn from and work with. I’d love to take another class with him. Many thanks!”


Devorah Firestone, Maryland

Daniel-Gear“I really enjoyed the Introduction to Cob & Natural Building Workshop and I got a lot out of it. I met some really great people and shared a lot of information about different aspects of natural and sustainable living. Anyone looking to get hands on experience and an overall general idea of how to do this for yourself I would recommend these workshops. The people I met were amazing to work with and I’ll hopefully work with them again in the near future. It was definitely a great experience for me.”

Daniel Gear, Toronto, Canada

Maria-Wilbur“Alex’s 5-day Cob Garden Wall workshop in May 2014 was my first experience working with Cob and it was very rewarding! He is very knowledgeable and offered alternative solutions during any “cobtastrophes”. With many hours of hands on training opportunity I am confident and well prepared to begin working on my cob home sooner rather than later. Alex’s workshop was much more than I expected and worth every penny!”

Maria Wilbur, Virginia

See photos from our past workshops:

Meadow Creek Mountain Cob House Workshop 2014

Cob Garden Wall 5-Day Workshop 2014

Building the Cob House Workshop 2014

Introduction to Cob & Natural Building 2014

Florida Cob and Natural Building Workshop 2014

Host a Workshop

Want to build a cob house on your own property?

Want to have free labor to help you build your dream cob home?

Can your land support up to 30 workshop participants?

If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions then you might consider hosting our next cob workshop.

Hosting Requirements:

  • A site that can accommodate up to 30 people and their tents. (Class size is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30)
  • A front-loading tractor, Bobcat, or backhoe for mixing large quantities of cob (plus a machine operator for each day)
  • Shower and bathroom facilities
  • Electricity at the job site for tools
  • 3 healthy meals a day plus drinking water
  • Water access for construction purposes
  • Travel expenses for Alex
  • Materials and tools for the project

What Alex brings to the workshop:

  • His natural building expertise
  • A kind, patient, and get’er done attitude
  • His professional workshop experience and leadership
  • $70 per paid/attending participant towards the food budget
  • Free attendance for the hosts and their guests (no financial compensation for the hosts is provided for workshops)
  • Help with review and design of the structure
  • Help with pre- and post- workshop questions about the structure
  • Detailed, professional instruction on cob building
  • Materials and supplies lists

Workshop Process:

We can work on any size cob building for a workshop, but the smaller your structure is the more likely it will near completion during the workshop. The amount of building completed will depend on the size of the structure, the number of participants, weather, materials access, and motivation levels of the group. Cob is a very labor intensive building material and takes a considerable amount of time to complete a building. Your building is NOT guaranteed to be completed during a workshop. We will do our best to complete as much as is possible in the allotted workshop time. The remainder of the construction will be up to the host to complete.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please send an email to alex@thiscobhouse.com. In your email, please include the answers to the following questions as part of your application to host as well as a general description of the project itself.

  • Where is the potential workshop located?
  • When would you like to host the workshop?
  • What size structure is it?
  • Do you have a building design?
  • What is the workshop site like?
  • Will the site fit RVs and tent camping?
  • Is there electrical power available on site?
  • Are there showers, bathroom facilities, and a pressurized water source?
  • Is there a kitchen available for meal preparations?