Cob Ovens – Enjoy the pleasures of a Cob Oven in your own backyard!


Cob Ovens! There is something special about an outdoor, wood-fired cob oven. Using one to prepare your food is a living experience that brings out the joys of cooking and fills not only your stomach but your Spirit too.

Cob and earthen ovens have been around for thousands of years, but in our modern day pursuit of technological advancement we’ve forgotten the joys of cooking with fire like our ancestors did.

Instead of pushing a button and turning on your electric or gas stove, you can gather the family, lite a blazing fire in a Cob oven, and enjoy your time well spent  cooking, eating, and enjoying your time together.

I am a “Natural Builder”. I build Cob ovens out of natural, local materials. That is the guiding principle behind natural building. Using the materials around you and sourcing locally. They are not only cheaper than industrial materials, but they are more pleasing to the senses and are healthy and non-toxic.

I build Cob ovens with a secure foundation, proper drainage system, and highly insulated to provide long lasting and exceptional performance.

Once the structure is complete, I protect it from the weather by adding a non-toxic lime plaster to the outside. This provides the oven with a long lifetime and gives it an old-world charm that many people enjoy.

If you are interested in having a Cob oven built for you then please contact me at