Cob House Plans and Natural Building Designs

Welcome to the internet’s one and only destination for cob house plans, tiny cob house designs, and other natural building designs. You can purchase our premium design packages here. Click on the packages to get all the building details. Or, if you need a custom design made, read below.

tiny cob house the freeman cob garden wall plans and designs
“The Freeman” – Tiny Cob House Plans120 sq ft, Sleeps 1 – 2$37 Cob Garden Wall – Building Plans$15

Custom Design Services

Need help designing your cob house or natural building? Want a custom 3D design made? I can work with you to design your dream home using 3D SketchUp software.

View some of the designs I’ve completed for my clients:

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12-31-1 12-31-2 cheval-manor-cottage-1 cheval-manor-cottage-2
cheval-manor-cottage-3 cheval-manor-cottage-4 cheval-manor-cottage-5 cheval-manor-cottage-6
doors-2 doors-3 Untitled-1 (2) tiny-house

The rate is $100 per hour. Most projects take from 10-30 hours on average. The time it takes to complete a design depends on the size of the building and the amount of detail that you want.

If you are interested in having a custom house design created, please email to

Note: These are not approved building plans and will not be delivered with an architect or engineer’s stamped approval. These designs are conceptual and are to be used only as basic guidelines for construction.