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Hi everyone,

I just recently got back from a 7-week intensive Natural Building course out in Oregon learning some of the newest, cutting edge techniques in the Natural Building realm.

As some of you may know, I’m taking my business to the next level by offering design and build services to people who are interested in having their own cob and natural buildings constructed.

I… Continue reading

The Cob Hotel

Cob Hotel - Sketch

Last year I was contacted by OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) to design a cob hotel for their humanitarian efforts overseas. I designed building plans for a large cob hotel that was being proposed before the project board at OPIC. The proposal was to build it in Southern Sudan as a way to better the local Continue reading

Cob Oven – Roaring Lion Model

cob oven lion model

This is my “Roaring Lion” model for a Cob Oven I’m planning to build. Inside the mouth cavity is the fire oven which will burn bright and hot! I might make the nostrils as the exit for the chimney too so smoke comes out of them. Continue reading

Cob House – Start with a clay model

cob house hobbit house

I made this model out of modeling clay according to one of my Cob House designs. I still need to design and add the roof.

I made it according to the scale of 1 inch = 2 feet. It’s a good size home with central living area (can include a wood burning stove), kitchen, bedroom, and office. Continue reading